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Monday, May 2, 2011

Alabama Disaster Relief

Hey guys, no food talk today.  I'm sure all of you know about the recent tornadoes that hit my area very hard.  The devastation is unreal and a lot of areas are in dire need of support and volunteers.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just a dollar.  A lot of families have lost everything, including houses and loved ones.  In this time of need, take a second to remember how lucky we all are to be here and try and help others around you.  I'll get back to food when things settle down a bit but for now, let's do what we can to help out a little.  Here are some links if you want to donate.

-Click here to go to They were one of the hardest areas hit and have received most of the national spotlight.

-Click here to go to the Governor's Emergency Relief Fund. This goes into a general fund through the governor's office to help with relief efforts.

-Click here to go to the North Alabama Food Bank donation site. Right now, we're all kind of in a spot with no cold products like milk, eggs, etc., but non-perishable items are always great.

These are just a couple of sites. I was severely lucky to miss the tornadoes. I had four tornadoes pass through about 10 miles north and two more pass through about 10 miles south. Others weren't as lucky though. Thanks in advance and again, even if it's just a dollar, it helps.


BadgerInBama said...

Thanks for spreading the "Chef". I have been all around North Alabama and it is like a half mile wide bulldozed just drove through the state! We all need to do something!!

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